Subject eclipse/jaybird/dtp : Date type to LocalDate
Hi everybody .
I'm a newbie (to java), using  with eclipselink .

I see that classes generated by eclipselink use dates as java.util.Date .
I'd like to change it for java.time.LocalDate type (if it's a reasonable change, mind you) .

Is there anything to change like in org.eclipse.datatools.enablement.firebird.dbdefinition_1.0.2.201106021154.jar,
on /runtime/vendors/Firebird/Firebird_2_1.xmi the node ?

 <predefinedDataTypeDefinitions xmi:id="DATE_1" keyConstraintSupported="true" primitiveType="DATE" jdbcEnumType="91" javaClassName="java.sql.Date">

I can't figure where java.sql.Date there, translates to java.util.Date into the class code generated .

Will that change the code generated for dates from java.util.Date to java.time.LocalDate ?

Or I have to dig into eclpselink stuff...