Subject Jaybird 3.0 snapshot available for testing
Author Mark Rotteveel
I just published a snapshot of Jaybird 3.0 for testing purposes.

This is a very early snapshot, a lot of work still needs to be done
before Jaybird 3.0 will be release-ready. We'd appreciate your feedback,
but we'd like to emphasize that this version is unstable and not ready
for production.

The protocol implementation has been fundamentally rewritten and changes
have been made for stricter JDBC conformance. As a result the driver
might exhibit different behavior than previous versions. Read the
release notes carefully to see if those differences are intentional. Bug
reports about undocumented changes in behavior are appreciated.

Current snapshot versions do not support Type 2 and embedded driver

Download from
or from Maven from the sonatype snapshot repository

<artifactId>jaybird-jdk18</artifactId> <!-- or jaybird-jdk16 or
jaybird-jdk17 -->

Release notes are online at

Mark Rotteveel