Subject Jaybird 2.2.5-SNAPSHOT available for testing
Author Mark Rotteveel
I just published a snapshot of Jaybird 2.2.5 for testing.

Notable changes in this version:
* Fixed: getCrossReference broken by changes of JDBC-331 (JDBC-335)

* Added: basic support for Java 8 java.time in
PreparedStatement.setObject() and ResultSet.updateObject() (JDBC-339)
As part of this change the supported sub-second precision for
java.sql.Timestamp has been increased from 1 millisecond to the maximum
Firebird precision of 100 microseconds (or 0.1 millisecond).

* Fixed: Deadlocks and other thread safety issues with classes in
org.firebirdsql.pool (JDBC-341)

I'd appreciate it if people are willing to test the changes of JDBC-341
(with org.firebirdsql.pool.FBWrappingDataSource) as I have made some
serious changes to that class and underlying connection pool classes to
fix a number of concurrency issues.

Download from sourceforge at:

And on Maven from the Sonatype Snapshot respository:

groupId: org.firebirdsql.jdbc
artifactId: jaybird-jdkxx (where xx is Java version: 15, 16, 17 or 18)
version: 2.2.5-SNAPSHOT

I plan to release the final version of Jaybird 2.2.5 within two weeks.

Mark Rotteveel