Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Where do I put what files to use FireBird JDBC in JMagallanes
Author Venus Software Operations

On 22-11-2014 01:10, Mark Rotteveel mark@... [Firebird-Java] wrote:

On 21-11-2014 18:08, venussoftop@... [Firebird-Java] wrote:
> I have also copied the jaybird-full-2.2.5.jar both both the folder
> pointed by CLASSPATH environment variable as well as the folder for
> JMagallanes, no joy

Almost all java applications ignore the CLASSPATH environment variable,
but looking at this application, this one seems to be the exception.
However if you want to reference a jar file, you need to add the
jar-file itself to the classpath, not just the folder containing the

The simplest way is to use addjar.bat included in the application:

>From cmd:
addjar D:\mypath\to\jaybird-full-2.2.5.jar

This will add D:\mypath\to\jaybird-full-2.2.5.jar to the CLASSPATH.

Thank you so much Mark.  This was the missing piece, I was able to get to the data straight away.  I was assuming CLASSPATH was just folders being pointed to so I had copied the jar file there but that was not the case.  Your suggestion worked pretty well.

Looking at this tool it seems to be very basic and no longer maintained.
If you are looking for a reporting tool, you might want to consider
looking at something more mature like Jaspersoft Studio

Yes, failing my connectivity before your suggestions I had looked for other alternatives and had come across JasperSoft but I maybe wrong but it looks like heavy duty stuff, where as JMagallanes was a standalone system so wanted to give it a try first.

Thanks again for your solution, now that I have the data set going onto trying to configure it to work, else of course I will fall onto JasperSoft

Kind regards