Subject Where do I put what files to use FireBird JDBC in JMagallanes
Hi all

I am trying to use JDBC direver to access my FireBird 2.5 database and have Java 1.7 on my computer.  The Java app that I am trying to access my data from is Magallanes Project - Argentina 2005 - Grupo Calipso


In the form to connect with a SQL statment I have provided various classname and URLs that I have been able to Google upon but to no avail.

I have copied the JayBird DLLs to the Windows\System32 as well as the JMagallanes folder but nothing helped.  I also did the same by copying FBClient.DLL to both these two place.

I have also copied the jaybird-full-2.2.5.jar both both the folder pointed by CLASSPATH environment variable as well as the folder for JMagallanes, no joy

The question is how do I use the JayBird / JDBC driver with JMagallanes?  What do I copy where?  Any other information that I need to know.  I am an absolute starter in Java and it's use, though I have been using FireBird and it's ODBC driver in Windows but I am a newbie in Java.

All the help I can get for this is highly appreciated.  Please advise

Thanks and regards