Subject Jaybird 2.2.4 snapshot with basic Java 8 / JDBC 4.2 support
Author Mark Rotteveel
I just created a snapshot version of Jaybird 2.2.4 with basic Java 8 /
JDBC 4.2 support. It is available for download from:

This snapshot provides basic support for Java 8 by overriding the new
default interface methods added with a slightly more sane default. Most
of the changes in Java 8 are about supporting large update counts (>
Integer.MAX_VALUE) and the new SQLType interface.

For the large update counts Jaybird simply delegates to the methods
returning int values.

The Statement.setLargeMaxRows(long) method will set the max to 0 (no
maximum) if a value larger than Integer.MAX_VALUE is supplied.

The SQLType methods will delegate to the methods accepting an int
sqlType parameter with the value obtained from getVendorTypeNumber()
without further validation or checking. The exception to this are the
ResultSet.updateObject(...) methods which don’t have an equivalent
accepting an integer type parameter. In that case it is delegated to the
equivalent method without type support.

The snapshot is also available on maven in the Sonatype OSS snapshot

Mark Rotteveel