Subject Re: GDS Exception. 335544721. Unable to complete network request to host
Author hugo.larson
--- In, Mark Rotteveel <mark@...> wrote:
> On Wed, 06 Mar 2013 10:03:38 -0000, "hugo.larson" <hugo.larson@...>
> wrote:
> > Hello Mark,
> >
> > I got the java 5 Jaybird jar from sourceforge.
> > But I have compiled all my project with Excelsior Jet, thats probably
> why
> > the line numbers are not there.
> Could be, I will double check anyway. Out of curiosity: can you reproduce
> this problem (or does it occur unpredictably), and if so can you reproduce
> it when using the 'normal' Oracle JVM instead of using Excelsior Jet?
> Mark

I cannot reproduce the problem.
We have over 200 installations and it happen sporadically. Sometimes several times a day at each site.
The 'normal' JVM test is impossible.

I too sometimes want to blame Excelsior JET JVM when strange things happen but 6 years experience with JET have showed me that it's actually 100% compatible with sun JVM.
I have done a lot of "extraordinary" thing with it such as using the .NET comfyj bridge, Android socketserver, httpclient, RXTX comport interface and JNI calls.