Subject Re: Back to XWiki and adoption in general
Author the_a_rioch
> I will see what I can do. It probably won't end up on the Jaybird Wiki
> though, as we are probably going to discontinue that site.

There probably would better be FB wiki, with JB as a section there.
JB alone really hardly is large enough.

Won't it turn like hen and egg problem partially? No content - no need for the site. No site - content would be lost in maillist archives. Some larger wiki is better be.

> > Why Javists are so fond of nested redundant names ?
> > xxxx/xxxx-yyyy/xxxx-yyyy-zzzz/xxxx-yyyy-zzzz-1111/etc ?

> Not sure what you are talking about here, that doesn't really look like a
> 'standard' Java practice to me.

i saw it in different places. Maybe some standard tool like maven provokes or what.

Adobe paths:

XWiki paths: