Subject Re: Back to XWiki and adoption in general
Author Arioch The
Well, thanks.

They are heading to 4.2 so i hope your work on 4.1.x would not be waste.

I'd like to repeat, that while having made xbm's would be greate, the real
treasure would be logging a process into JB wiki.

What a limitations of FB, what expectations of XWiki u could determine and
When they matched and when they conflicted.
Which ways were possible to resolve the conflict and which you choose was

Such a working log that some reader can later read it, and make similar
changes to his XBM files, he would have to do.
So that XWiki maintainers could port schema changes later even without much
knowledge of FB.

A document that can be a help to wide number of people out there.


BTW, i tried to cloen their git and found Git/Win is limited with 260
letters file path :-(

Why Javists are so fond of nested redundant names ?
xxxx/xxxx-yyyy/xxxx-yyyy-zzzz/xxxx-yyyy-zzzz-1111/etc ?

I wonder if their objects were named like the files and folders, what would
they say ?

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