Subject Re: Trying to run TrackStudio :-)
Author the_a_rioch
> > Out of line, that table of mapping between Java and FB types, could you add there numeric codes like that "-1" ?
> > Why for Javist it would be lame question, "use the source, Luke" for outsiders that would require an investigation "where and what to search for".
> I will consider it, but this is more a limitation of Hibernate that they
> don't report the java.sql.Types name which is failing.

True. But given Hibernate popularity u might expect it to be common case for most of apps.

So if those codes are not JRE versio nspecific and not JDBC driver specific (i've seen codes both <0 and >0 so i think there is some difference) why not to show them ?

> This is exactly the same way that other Firebird drivers work when
> connecting using NONE.

Then you disobey your own rules. You tel lthat NONE is no conversion but you do the conversion. If i really want to get binary image of data in text blob and varchar - what should i do ? use IBSurgeon ?

If NONE is told to disable conversion - it should do it.
If NONE is meant to disable server-side conversion - then tell it and document which conversion then every db access components should do.
And introduce absolutely prohibiting RAWBINARY charset to let binary dumps for surgery :-)

> Well, lets agree to disagree.

Well, i have a practical example where your approach failed, it guessed wrong.
You, when designing that behaviour, probably had some practical usecases to address, so i though you can easily show me example where your approach works and mine fails,

> > Also that appendix D in manual seems full of ambiguous wording to my eye.
> > "When the NONE character set is used, the driver does not know how to interpret the received data."
> > Driver is just a intermediate bridge. So was it about data, it receives from server ? Or was it data it receives from JDBC/application ? And why it "does not know" if it can query the server while reading schema and it can assume UTF-16 on JDBC endpoint ?
> Because in most cases that would be wrong as well.

Sorry, what ? Here is not any action described, here is onele 'state of things' described. Not what driver should DO, but what it does or does not KNOW.

So let's start ab ovo.

"the received data"

Is it about data, that the driver receives from a server to pass to JDBC and to application?
Or is it about data the driver receives from JDBC/application to pass to a server?