Subject Re: Trying to run TrackStudio :-)
Author the_a_rioch
> Sorry for not replying inline - it is impossible on the phone. But
> let's continue...

I wonder how u manage to send so lot of text :-)
I would bear probably tapping screen on some tablet, but on the phone i would already give up.

> The character set for connection is specifies in DPB, the property is
> called lc_ctype. If the property is not specified, then server assumes
> NONE. This logic is coded in Firebird, not in driver.

And probably ages back to Groton and single-language environments.

but for what i remember OpenVMS/VAX had 4 flavours of OS string datatype, diferging by having or not some properties. Though i don't remember if charset was among string properties at all.

> The only right solution would be to ditch the NONE defaulting on the
> server, then we would default to UTF-8, and everybody would be happy.

U mean
1) server uses UTF8 defaulting if not specified ? then i strongly disagree. That is a road to hell, you upgraded server and silently corrupted database.
2) server denies no-lc_type connections. Clients learn to always specify something. JayBird specifies UTF8. - That sounds reasonable.

Afterall there are not that much clients out there. fbclient.dll is one and Jaybird is another. Any third client ? So they all can be upgraded to add their own default, in same sole action with server upgrade.