Subject Re: Trying to run XWiki
Author the_a_rioch
> You should never ever put libraries in the JRE/lib folder (nor in the

i agree that is ugly and dirty and DLL-Hell prone, yet all those java systems looking like nested dolls... why it is obvious for you where to look for them or put them to, it is completely oblivious to me. So i tried to use global folder, for i did not used other Java apps on the box.

BTW, one internet-bank uses custom crypto-provider to sign the operations. Since there is hardly a folder for Java applets, that provider ends installed into lib\ext folder (and when JRE major version upgrade happens, user has to either move file or re-install provider).
While that might look dirty as well i frankly cannot think of better way.

> JRE/lib/ext folder). However I don't know why that act in itself would
> crash an application. Do make sure that the Jaybird version you use
> matches your Java version.

The presence/absence of JB220b1 in global lib (or lib\ext - don't remember. Is there any difference in the context? ) definitely changed all the behavior.

> That said, I really would like more specific information to investigate
> this (eg logs of the application).

There is a thread
But it is a russian and also that is mostly blind rundom search log.
Supporter is sure i am kind of "dumb blond" that cannot bollow the manual, and i randomly trying to make the thing work at least in HSQLDB mode.
There is a log attached near bottom of 1st page. And some on 2nd page.

Frankly, i think it would be more easier for you to reproduce it, than to read it.

After supporter did step by step my instruction, they also got it crashed on their Win box. I don't think it is russian-specific or 32/64 specific, so...

Just find some Windows box, get JRE 1.7b5, get standalone TS 4.0.16, and place jaybird-full jar 2.2.0b1 in global jre lib

> Please try my suggestion to add your own Dialect to hibernate. If that
> doesn't work, I probably can find some time to investigate next week.

I am complete newb to Java, sorry. And here we are limited with 250MB traffic per week.

Maybe i would manage how to get all sources dependancies etc at home if did only this for week, then managed to compile it, then managed to install it...

Frankly, i quite understand that fixing Dialect is much more proper thing to do than customizing XBMs or whatever.
But that is like i would ask you to patch some Delphi internals :-)

Really, some workaround is maximum i CAN do.

PS AltaVista bablefish used to have some rather technical rus->Eng translator. Some things can probably be translated by ProMT ( or Google translate. But frankly, i still think that there is nothing for you to read but maybe logs. And even then you would faster and easier reproduce it than manage to read through that unstructured forum thread.

> Stacktraces are stacktraces. They point out where in the code the
> exception occurs (and all calls leading to that point). There is nothing
> more to it, so there are - AFAIK - no special applications to read
> stacktraces.

Yes, but those logs, if you would download them...
They are unstructured, but stacktraces do have some structure.
Just observe them 'collapsed' to quickly see all of them and how many of them.. Maybe you got used to read them through in notpad, but to me it was rather challenging per se ;-) A dozen of exceptions, each rather long, and filter out related error from unrelated and secondary ones... it was almost scrolling and reading every line, instead of quick glance at abstract. :-)

> I have no idea what you mean with ChainSaw or OLV.