Subject Re: Trying to run XWiki
Author the_a_rioch
> Logging in Jaybird can be pretty tricky

and it is pity that there are no standard hooks in JDBC/JB/FB that can be used generally.
Coming back to TS, i still don't know what charset it used to open connection and such.

> I have no idea what you mean with this. JAMonAPI is for monitoring
> application performance.

yes, i understand that is orders more complex tool than just logging.
but when i searched what i can do to log, there was asuggestion to route app->JAMonAPI->Server-specific-JDBC-provider

Roman Rockitsy few years ago suggester Iron-something, but that is dead and seems to be wiped from the net.

> >> The quickest solution will probably be to extend FirebirdDialect and add
> >> the following to the constructor:
> >>
> >> registerColumnType( Types.LONGVARCHAR, "blob sub_type 1" );

And whole lotta other types.
I suggested those XPAth examples, for they show different java types, not only -1
And there would be half-dozen things to subclass.

For what i understand, with UTF8 encoding VarChar is limited to 32KB/4 = 8K chars.
And there were text fields like 60000 length.
Don't remember exactly for string fields.
There were materialized blobs and cblobs.
And who knows what.

> > Do you know there was some person subclassing FB dialect for JIRA ?
> > his main problem was long names exceeding 32 length though.

> That would really be something that is out of scope for me.

I don't know if SQL tells something on required names length, but Atlassian products are popular, even FB team uses Jira.

So while it is up to you, i thought that addressing their products might give JB/FB more potential place. However personally i do not plan to use Jira and just mentioned that.

At least i wish you'd glance his post and think about his changes being of general value.

> > I wonder if it is feasible/worth candles to extend Hibernate, so it would store into DB Scheme which program classes/properties are represented by given scheme element. FB description might be good thing to re-use. However it seems that Hib3 archetecture would not allow keeping such hints...
> It already has. That is what those .hbm.xml files are for. You can
> create a specific file for you database with other table and/or columnnames.

No, i meant that you take FDB file and think "what is this table for?" then you read the SQL DESCRIPTION for table and for columns and it tells you which classes they address.

Yet i agree that is no more important than "nice shortcut to have"