Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Firebird 2.5 Services API enhancements
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
Hello Mark,

>> I have added some Firebird 2.5 Services API enhancements to HEAD in
>> 2009, which I guess are now included in the 2.2.0 Snapshot.
>> While things went smooth, there was one problem left (see below; my Java
>> knowledge is a bit limited compared to Delphi), which I hoped Roman can
>> have a look. Don't know if he had time at that time. I haven't the
>> environment for working on Jaybird anymore, so I would need to start
>> from scratch. Not sure if this can happen any time soon, although I
>> would like to have a recent Jaybird dev. environment.
>> Just letting you know, that there might be an outstanding/unfinished issue.
> Trace does seem to work, but I do see some things that would probably
> need some spit and polish to make it easier to work.

Sounds good!

I vaguely remember that my trace implementation worked, although AFAIR,
I also offered a class, which basically encapsulates starting a trace
session in a separate thread. In that area I had some problems
(lockups), but I might remember wrongly.

Regarding examples. I'm afraid, I don't have it at home, thus will check
next week at work, if you are still in need for examples.