Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Eclipse DTP with Firebird
Author Lester Caine
reg_hill_labs wrote:
> A while ago I looked at using Eclipse DTP with Firebird.

OK - many moons ago I ran the Clay plug-in which gave me a very nice graphical
view of the structure of the database. The plug-in still works fine, but at the
price of a license to add the print functions it's a little irritating and I
can't justify the money.

SO - I have DTP running with the latest client, and this gives a crude view of
the data, but I can't do much with DTP? I can't see how to test SQL scripts.

I also have QuantumDB running and can test SQL scripts in that before
transferring them into my PHP framework to use.

What else can we actually do? Is there an alternative modelling tool we can use?
Actually is there anything that can replace flamerobin internally? I suspect
that as with the DVCS tools, I'm currently still better using external packages
until the internal plug-ins are more productive?

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