Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Firebird and Jan Borcher's SQL Developer tool
Author Mark Rotteveel
> Thanks for the fast reply.
> > I haven't used this tool, and I currently don't have time to evaluate
> > this, but the website of this tool states that JDBC drivers are not
> > included, and need to be downloaded by the end-user:
> >
> My assumption is that the JDBC driver this refers to is Jaybird?

Yes, you should add (and enable) the Jaybird driver jar.

> > You need to configure it to use that driver:
> > (section
> > Configuring Database Drivers)
> Yep, followed these steps, but unfortunately still get the message "Cannot
> find JDBC driver" or similar. I appreciate that to get help from this list
> I should post the exact error messages, but unfortunately I can't get to a
> suitable machine to do so for a few days.

Unfortunately it is very hard to troubleshoot a tool that you have never used based on scarce information. These errors are usually caused by
1) Not including the right driver jar
2) Specifying the wrong driver classname
3) Using the wrong JDBC-url when attempting to connect

Please be more detailed in what you configure and setup.

If I have time I might look deeper into this, but I don't make any promisses; you might also want to contact the creator of SQL Developer.
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