Subject Re: OpenOffice, Jaybird and Embedded Server
Author certfb
> I am going to dive into this for Jaybird 2.3, because as far as I can
> see other drivers do not have this problem with OpenOffice.
> > The plugin provides workaround for this and it should work with all
> > driver types.
> The OOGDSFactoryPlugin uses the JavaGDSImpl, so it will not work for the
> native or embedded driver.

It would be good if Jaybird 2.3 could be used with embedded and OpenOffice / LibreOffice because the feature set in Firebird is obviously much, much greater than HSQL or the proposed SQLite replacement.

The ability to create a zeroconf, transportable data file is of interest to me (along with using iReport to generate printouts from that file).

OT: Personally I think that Jaybird / Firebird / Firebird embedded is the way to go for LibreOffice instead of the very limited SQLite. The ability to upscale from a single file application to a client/server one is a killer.