Subject OpenOffice, Jaybird and Embedded Server
Author certfb
I would like to use the Firebird embedded server within OpenOffice / LibreOffice as an alternative to using the internal database. This is because I feel more comfortable with the Firebird's SQL dialect and the multiple advantages of Firebird over other engines.

Currently I am using Windows Vista.

I have followed the general installation instructions for Firebird embedded that are here and also the information here

So currently I have a folder D:\Databases which has all the Jaybird files and all the Firebird embedded files and ISQL.exe.

I have created (and can still connect to) a database D:\Databases\TEST.FDB using ISQL, but cannot connect to it with OpenOffice (3.3.0).

I have included D:\Databases\jaybird-full-2.2.0.jar in the CLASSPATH (Tools->Options-Java) and set the start parameters for the JRE as -Djava.library.path=d:\Databases.

I have set the environment variable FIREBIRD=D:\Databases

The JDBC driver class is: org.firebirdsql.jdbc.FBDriver
The datasource URL is: jdbc:firebirdsql:embedded:D/Databases/test.fdb

When I try "Test Class" it tells me "The JDBC driver was loaded successfully."

When I try "Test Connection" it tells me:

Error code: -1

Failed to initilize Jaybird native library. This is most likley due to a failure to load the firebird client library.

So my understanding from this is that Jaybird cannot find fbembed.dll (even though its in the same folder as the jar and the environment variable "FIREBIRD" is set to that folder")

Any help is most welcome