Subject Re: OpenOffice, Jaybird and Embedded Server
Author certfb
Hi Mark,

> Initial testing at least confirms the error, not sure what would be the
> solution though. As I have installed all required DLLs for running
> embedded, that isn't be the problem.
> I do get it to work if I copy the firebird embedded files into the
> %ProgramFiles(x86)%\LibreOffice 3.4\program folder. I do not know what can be changed to get it to work outside of this location.

Thank you for your investigations and sorry for the slow reply (had a problem with GMail).

I have tried putting the files in the openoffice\program folder and I can connect to the database and create a table. If I then try to query or enter data I get a "The result set is closed" message.

If I use the "Run SQL command directly" option and write a query such as SELECT * FROM TABLE1; then it returns a result set.

I have tried all the usual tricks for Jaybird/Firebird and OpenOffice ensuring there is a primary key, entering all table and field names in CAPS etc.

Any further ideas are more than welcome!!