Subject Re: OpenOffice, Jaybird and Embedded Server
Author certfb
Hi, thanks for the response
> Why do you want to use embedded, and not just install Firebird server?

Because it is more portable (in the sense of emailing). Actually I would like to be able to just send a .zip file and say "here unzip this and open test.fdb with OpenOffice"

> When the driver is loaded, it only loads the Java side of things, so it
> does not yet attempt to initialize the native libraries.

Yep, I understand that - just wanted to clarify that it is not a CLASSPATH or similar problem.

> The problem could also have to do with not having installed the right MS
> Visual C DLLs installed.

Ah, that's possible, but what needs the VC DLLs? If it is fbembed.dll then I think it is working because ISQL connects okay?

> I am not sure if it is actually possible to use embedded from
> OpenOffice. I will see if I can get it to work (I am using LibreOffice
> 3.4 though.

I am happy to use LibreOffice if required.

Thanks again...Mike.

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> Mark Rotteveel