Subject Re: JayBird status
Author mirmalag
Nice to meet you Roman and Mark,
I can't presently dig into deep detail.
What I know for sure is that we will use EntityBeans
wherever possible. The platform uses Jta for transaction control.
For the parts of the application that will require explicit SQL, I'm pretty confident that current feature set doesn't pose big problems.
In fact the application is a rebuild of a current pure C/S one and the current database design will be modified as little as possible.
I feel unsure about the parts of the new application that will be
implemented using platform components that will use the database
through standard protocols and methods.
I'm already in the process of building confidence with JavaEE 6,
a new beast for me, and interfacing the database is a delicate issue.
It seems that the standard choice is MySql, for this kind of project.
Fact is we have deep knowledge of Firebird and want to stay with it.
But I don't know directly of other experiences in using Firebird as a JavaEE backend.
We will build the trial environment soon, I hope, then be able to
come back with some result.

Thank you,

--- In, Mark Rotteveel <mark@...> wrote:
> On Wed, 19 Oct 2011 09:48:00 +0200, Roman Rokytskyy <roman@...>
> wrote:
> > Hi Mirco,
> >
> >> I'm requested to lead a JavaEE 6 project using JBoss AS 6 and
> >> Firebird as a backend. Are the drivers feature complete or are there
> >> unimplemented ones?
> >> My boss want to be sure about any bump on the road, so I'm asking
> >> here prior to set up a trial environment myself and any help is
> >> really
> >> appreciated.
> >> Contributing the project is a viable option to ensure to reach the
> >> project goal.
> >
> > Mark implemented JDBC 4.1 support (Java 7) and at the moment he is
> > working on the release notes. I do not expect any additional API changes
> > before release. There is one open ticket JDBC-192, which has to be
> > closed before release, but that's it.
> I implemented all methods to satisfy the interfaces, but most of the new
> JDBC 4.1 features *will* throw SQLFeatureNotSupportedException; I however
> believe that most of the methods added in JDBC 4.1 are relatively esoteric,
> but for Jaybird 2.3 I will implement some of them and other optional JDBC
> parts currently not supported.
> I hope to have a draft version of the release notes by next week, so we
> might also want to prepare a release candidate.
> > Re. whether driver is feature complete... There are features in
> > Firebird that are not fully supported by the driver (e.g. optimized wire
> > protocol support), however they will not be part of the v2.2 release
> > anyway. So the task is rather to check whether everything you need is
> > there.
> Mirco, could you give a bit more detail about which features you think you
> will absolutely need?
> Mark