Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Fb Exceptions in JayBird
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> I'm working with the JayBird JDBC driver and wondering how I can get the
> name of the Firebird exception. I can see the name of the exception
> only if there are no additional information provided when the exception
> is thrown.
> Example:
> I see this: e.getMessage().equals("E_POBILLITM_EXISTS")
> When this happens: EXCEPTION E_POBILLITM_EXISTS 'PO Bill exists';
> I see this: e.getMessage().equals("PO Bill exists");
> In both cases, I need to know that this is a E_POBILLITM_EXISTS
> exception, but the underlying FBSQLException does not have this
> information.

Can you create a small java program that simulates both cases?

I need to check whether Firebird sends both values over the wire, but
you would spare me time with preparing this case.

If the info is there, the fix is easy. If not... well, we cannot do
anything then.