Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: firebird stored procedure for calling java program.
Author Mark Rotteveel
> Hi Evgeny Putilin,
> Thanks for reply. I want to call java program from stored
> prcedure or trigger. I am using firebird 2.1.3, is this alpha version? if yes
> then can you please guide me with example.

No Firebird 2.1.3 is the latest release version. The FB/Java plugin only works in Firebird 3.0, an experimental version, including a 32 bit Firebird 3.0 server is available at

This is very experimental, so don't use it for production work. Questions should most likely be addressed to the firebird-devel mailinglist.


> senderid NUMBER, recepientno NUMBER, mes VARCHAR2)
> NAME 'DBTrigger.addEmp(int, int, java.lang.String)';
> when i am executing this query getting below error.
> Engine Error (code = 335544569):
> Dynamic SQL Error.
> SQL error code = -104.
> Token unknown - line 3, column 4.
> SQL Error (code = -104):
> Invalid token.
> Please guide me.

This functionality is not available in Firebird 2.1.3
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