Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] firebird stored procedure for calling java program.
Author Evgeny Putilin
Hi Hanif
> Hi friends,
> I am new to firebird.I need to know how to configure Firebird server? so i can
> execute stored procedure which calls java program. Its very urgent for me.
> Please help me ASAP.
> Thanks& Regards,
> Hanif

What are you want: call Stored procedure from Java code, or call java code from stored procedure or trigger?
1. For call stored procedure from Java code you can use query:
Statement st;
st.executeQuery("select * from MySP('param1',123)"
2. For call Java code from stored procedure or trigger you should use RedDB(see, or alpha version of Firebird 3.

WBR Evgeny Putilin