Subject fetching autogenerated index
Author Simeon Mitev
Hi guys,

I am using FB super server 2.0 + Spring 2.5 + JayBird 2.1.6.

I am trying to get the newly created index following the references of
Spring framework:

KeyHolder keyHolder = new GeneratedKeyHolder();
new PreparedStatementCreator() {
public PreparedStatement createPreparedStatement(Connection
connection) throws SQLException {
PreparedStatement ps =
connection.prepareStatement(INSERT_SQL, new String[]
ps.setString(1, name);
return ps;

// keyHolder.getKey() now contains the generated key

I get the following exception:

PreparedStatementCallback; uncategorized SQLException for SQL []; SQL
state [HY000]; error code [-50000]; Not yet implemented.; nested
exception is java.sql.SQLException: Not yet implemented.

Could it be that the driver is not fully JDBC 3.0 standard compatible?

Thank you very much in advance.

Simeon Mitev

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