Subject Inserting only date-part of timestam with Jaybird and Hibernate
Author Yves Glodt

I am not 100% sure this is related to Firebird/Jaybird, so forgive me in
case I'm wrong.

I am inserting a row with hibernate, and for setting a date column
(Timestamp in sql) to today I use:

record.setCreationDate( new java.util.Date() );

This works generally, but includes the time-part (16.11.2010 15:27:24),
whereas I would only want the date (16.11.2010)

Does anyone know how to fix this?

My software versions are:

- Firebird 2.01LI-V2.0.4.13130 Firebird 2.0/tcp
- Hibernate 3.5.5-Final
- Java 1.6.0_22
- Tomcat 6.0.29
- Jaybird 2.1.6

Best regards,

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