Subject Re: connect would work better
Author Jean Noël Martin
OK remember I am a new user of netBeans.
However I supressed all the source files fromNet beans. some directory are highly set to a missing org include but it don't stop the process
Howecer I have the same status on this topic. Even without source file, so witn only the jar file the following code is activated
catch( IllegalArgumentException e)
and the message in e = specified GDSType Null is unknown.

--- In, Roman Rokytskyy <roman@...> wrote:
> > However I use the source of Jaybird becausa NetBean don't recognize the import instructions with only the Jar file....
> You have to fix your NetBeans configuration - that sounds very strange.
> What would NetBeans say if you would like to use Oracle JDBC driver? To
> call Oracle and get the sources?
> Roman