Subject connect would work better
Author jnm53
My curent question is intern in Jaybird as following:

Code :

public FBManagedConnectionFactory(GDSType gdsType, FBConnectionProperties connectionProperties) {
this.defaultCm = new FBStandAloneConnectionManager();
this.connectionProperties = connectionProperties;
IF( gdsType != NULL)

The variable gdsType is in this methode set to null; I protected the instruction setType( gdsType.toSting()); while testing the null valeur of this varaible
using the methode

Code :

public static GDSType getDefaultGDSType() {
RETURN defaultType;

As the defaultType is null.
My questions are as following:
gdsType == null is normal?
else which is the value to set to the defaultType;
ans morevover what would be the cause for these data if they are abnormals.
Moreover I need two datas to be intitialized and how to do to initialize them.
I need the GdsType defaults.
this variable is strat├ęgic in connecting. I tried various approach to connect the database ans each time i got this variable.
I have still asked to be subscribed on the Jaybird user group and I have no acknoledgement from this team up to now.
I founded two variables that should be initialized and that are not...

Code :

IF (gdsType == NULL) gdsType = defaultType;

GDSFactoryPlugin gdsPlugin = (GDSFactoryPlugin) typeToPluginMap

IF (gdsPlugin == NULL)
throw new IllegalArgumentException("Specified GDS type " + gdsType
+ " is unknown.");

RETURN gdsPlugin.getGDS();

Thats defaultType and typeToPluginMap.
how is it possible to get some information related to the gdsType defaults?