Subject Re: connect would work better
Author Jean Noël Martin
and in which directory should I set this resource.

--- In, Roman Rokytskyy <roman@...> wrote:
> > Second,as far as I understand the configuration Data I beleive that it's a problem of initializion of Jaybird. I noticed other not loaded data like "FBLog4j", and probabily I have not some data in the good folder.
> > Can you provide me with the configuration data that should available at the start of the driver and the folders where I have to submit them. I use NetBeans for EDI and I have organized the Jaybird data following the class name of the files eg: because NetBeans d'ont like the jaybird initial organization.
> >
> Jaybird loads the defaults from the META-INF/ directory in the jar
> (there are few services defined which are used in the class
> initialization).
> This is standard approach for dynamically extendable frameworks in Java
> (at least Sun's version of it). If you get issues in the initialization,
> then either your JVM does not fully conform the specs or somehow your
> jar/classpath is not complete...
> But I would like to know why NetBeans need other layout. Can you explain
> what issues did you have there?
> Roman Rokytskyy