Subject Re: Jaybird embedded dll for 64bit
Author pcmilhouse
I need to run Java 64 and Firebird 64 bit.
In your CVS I found only native lib jaybird22_x64.dll and jaybird-2.2.0.jar. Are there enough? Or there are other libraries?

--- In, Roman Rokytskyy <roman@...> wrote:
> > Which dlls are required for embedded connection in 64 bit system?
> As Evgeny pointed out, you can use 32-bit DLLs with 32-bit FB, but also
> your Java should be 32-bit. If you want/need to use 64-bit Firebird or
> Java, you can take the version from the CVS, it supports also 64-bit FB
> (there are appropriate DLLs there and JDBC driver knows which to load).
> Roman