Subject jaybird on eclipse
Author Lester Caine
I've been using eclipse as a development platform for a number of years and used
EclipseSQL with jaybird to augment flamerobin and it looks as if I was simply
lucky selecting that one as none of the other viewers don't seem to be working
with jaybird :(

Another plugin that has been working nicely is the Azzurri Clay Modelling tool,
but while that had good firebird support that has never been readily
downloadable, and the current version is rather highly priced and even then with
a restricted licence. SO I've been looking for an alternative modelling tool.

AmaterasERD looks like it will do the job, but is not opening a connection to
jaybird and I'm rather lost as to debug that particular problem.

Alternatively anybody got an alternative that does work?

As a slight aside, it seems strange that all of the SQL tools for eclipse are on
the Japanese SF site ... anybody got any idea why?

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