Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Embedded server documentation
Author Roman Rokytskyy

> I would like to embed Firebird in a Java application that runs on
> Windows (XP/Vista/7),

Ok for XP and Vista, did not test on Windows 7, but should work also ok.

> Linux (i386/amd64)

on amd64 only in 32-bit mode - the 64-bit version has some issues with
events which are not yet fixed. That means you need to use 32-bit JRE.

> and Mac OS X
> (10.4/10.5/10.6).

There is an open ticket which applies on Mac OS X on PPC (big-endian),
but it should not be relevant in embedded mode and should not be
relevant for x86 platform.

But! you will need to build JNI part from the sources - we do not
release binaries for this platform.

> I would appreciate if you point me to the relevant documentation (I've
> been running in circles with Google and Firebird web site).

Basically, all you need is in release notes. Also you can check here:

The steps are simple:

1. use appropriate URL
2. unzip the Firebird distro
3. set the FIREBIRD env. variable to point to distro
4. put jaybird2x.dll/so in java.library.path (%PATH% on Windows,
5. Start application.

You might have issues with ICU libraries (fbintl/ directory) and with
MSVC8 libraries/manifests on Windows (XP only, I guess). Therefore feel
free to ask questions here.