Subject Re: Does Jaybird need to be told how to interpret underscores in table names?
Author red_october2009
>Is there a need for an official 2.1.7 release, or would you be ok with a post-2.1.6 snapshot from CVS? If yes, which Java version then (1.4.x, 5.0 or 6.0)?

Hi Roman, I'm not a Java programmer, so I'll try to answer the questions in a way that makes best sense from my "beginner-ish" point of view.

I downloaded from the page:

(Oh, there's a typo on that page... the first occurrence of the phrase: "V.2.1.5 Downloads" Should actually read "V.2.1.6 Downloads", because everything underneath that label is for 2.1.6)

The file contained the file that I needed, which so far, has only been the "full" file:


Because of my own low-grade knowledge of Java and what is needed to create a "full" file from CSV, I personally would be very pleased if you could make a 2.1.7 release, with this, and perhaps any other bug fixes to date.

As for the Java version, the JDK_1.6 seemed to work OK so far, but I am in no way "loyal" to a certain version of the JDK (of course because I'm so new), so I'm thinking if the risk of breakage is relatively low, maybe jumping up to the current JDK 6 would be good.

In my personal case, I have not yet got any apps that depend upon a certain JDK version. (Alternatively, would it be possible to issue two Jaybird 2.1.7 distributions, one based on JDK 1.6 and the other based on JDK 6 ? (Maybe too much work?)

My intention is to use Jaybird for all my web apps which will be based on ColdFusion, ColdFusionBuilder. FlashBuilder and Firebird (latest version of each).

I would like a Jaybird*.zip that takes no more brain power to use than the one I've got now, and that has the bug(s) fixed that are causing me some grief at the moment. Am I selfish and demanding or what!

Thanks Roman.