Subject Does Jaybird need to be told how to interpret underscores in table names?
Author red_october2009
Dev Platform:

XP Pro, ColdFusion9, ColdFusionBuilder 1,
Firebird 2.1.2, Jaybird 2.1.6

Using ColdFusion administrator, I can connect to my Firebird database via ODBC or Jaybird. I name my tables following an old DB2 naming convention of 3 letters, one underscore, 3 letters, one underscore, etc.

This makes for very easy reading and tidy lists. However, in CFB1, when I look at the data sources listed in the RDS View, tables connected via Jaybird, that follow this naming convention, have fields listed under OTHER tables that share a common root string. The same tables, with the same naming convention connected via ODBC do not have this problem.

See the Adobe forum thread:

It seems that the problem is localized to Jaybird. Is there some way to tell Jaybird that the underscores are part of the table name and should not be mixed with other table field lists?