Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] JayBird and FireBird locations
Author Mark Rotteveel
I think the only way is to use a startup script (or batch file) to set
the FIREBIRD environment variable for your specific application.


Alec Swan wrote:
> Relying on environment variables is risky.
> What if the end-user who installs our application has already installed a
> version of Firebird different from the version the application was tested
> with? I want the app to use the version of Firebird it was tested against
> without affecting end-user working environment.
> I gave up on keeping Firebird DLLs separate and copied all of them to the
> working directory. But even then the app won't work without having the
> FIREBIRD environment variable set to point to the working directory. Any
> ideas?
> Alec

Mark Rotteveel