Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] FBSQLException since upgrade from Firebird 1.5 to 2.1
Author Yves Glodt
Thanks Roman for your input, will look into that! (and read my errormessages
better in the future)

2009/9/29 Roman Rokytskyy <roman@...>

> > After seeing the message 'GDS Exception. 335544334. conversion error from
> > string "DP"' I grepped my sources for a string DP, and there is none...
> > Do you have an idea what could go wrong here?
> The "DP" value is in the database, not in your sources, in a column that
> is referenced in your query. Looks like your query treats the values in
> the column as numbers or dates and Firebird fails to parse the "DP"
> string and to convert it to the required type.
> Roman

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