Subject Firebird 2.1 Character sets and Tomcat
Author iananewby
Hi Folks,
We've been running a web app (since fb 0.9) using character set none, however we are trying to move it to win1253.

The database has been sucessfully converted, and appears correctly in IBExpert etc.

The only issue I have is the java/tomcat!

I am trying to serve everything as UTF-8. if I add a encoding = UTF-8 to the connection will jbird convert the win1253 to UTF-8, or do I set the encoding to the database encoding!

Or do I set the character set property?

Its all very confusing.

What I have at the moment is encoding=UTF-8 in java.

This seems to be sending the data incorrectly. The browser says it in UTF-8, but the £ signs are not displayed. If I change the browser to win1253 they display correctly!

Any hints anyone?