Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] more serious issues with jaybird and glassfish 2.1
Author Lutz Müller
i am currently setting up a testscenario with a minimal webapp, to debug in to
this problem. i should be able to give some more details what is happening
the answers to your questions below are:

1) ConnectionPoolDataSource
3) connect to different DBs
4) connect to the same server (tested only on classic so far)
5) seen ist happen on java 5 and 6 (both sun jdks)
6) jaybird 2.1.6

Am Donnerstag, 9. Juli 2009 20:52:08 schrieb Mark Rotteveel:
> Could you give some more details?
> Interesting information would be:
> 1) configured Resource Type of the pool
> 2) Datasource Classname used
> 3) Do they connect to the same or different databases
> 4) Do they connect to the same or different servers
> 5) Full Java version
> 6) Jaybird version (including JDK version of the drivers!)
> Any other interesting information (how do the applications use their
> connections, how do they acquire them, what is the load)
> I've tried two (almost identical) simple (web)applications on Glassfish
> 2.1 that acquire a connection and query a table, but I wasn't able to
> reproduce this (not even under (some) load).
> Mark
> Lutz Müller wrote:
> > hello,
> >
> > its me again with another jaybird/glassfish issue :) this one seems
> > really serious when using more than one firebird connection pool in one
> > glassfish domain. assume you have webapp webappA using jdbc ressource
> > jdbc/aDB which in turn uses connection pool poolA on databaseA. And
> > another webapp webappB using jdbc ressource jdbc/bDB on connection pool
> > poolB using databaseB. now the unthinkable happens: webappA and webappB
> > get connections from both connectionpools A and B! it seems completely
> > random which webapp gets connections from which database. i would not
> > have believed this if i had not seen it with my own eyes... same
> > deployments work fine with oracle and mssql databases. so i suspect
> > jaybird is at fault here...
> >
> > lutz