Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] more serious issues with jaybird and glassfish 2.1
Author Mark Rotteveel
Could you give some more details?

Interesting information would be:
1) configured Resource Type of the pool
2) Datasource Classname used
3) Do they connect to the same or different databases
4) Do they connect to the same or different servers
5) Full Java version
6) Jaybird version (including JDK version of the drivers!)

Any other interesting information (how do the applications use their
connections, how do they acquire them, what is the load)

I've tried two (almost identical) simple (web)applications on Glassfish
2.1 that acquire a connection and query a table, but I wasn't able to
reproduce this (not even under (some) load).


Lutz Müller wrote:
> hello,
> its me again with another jaybird/glassfish issue :) this one seems really
> serious when using more than one firebird connection pool in one glassfish
> domain. assume you have webapp webappA using jdbc ressource jdbc/aDB which in
> turn uses connection pool poolA on databaseA. And another webapp webappB using
> jdbc ressource jdbc/bDB on connection pool poolB using databaseB.
> now the unthinkable happens: webappA and webappB get connections from both
> connectionpools A and B! it seems completely random which webapp gets
> connections from which database. i would not have believed this if i had not
> seen it with my own eyes... same deployments work fine with oracle and mssql
> databases. so i suspect jaybird is at fault here...
> lutz

Mark Rotteveel