Subject Differences between different distributions of jaybird
Author Gam
Dear all,
I checked all the docs I could find (inside the package, on the
firebird website and the driver's wiki). Sorry if I missed the
explanation somewhere.

I'm using jaybird 2.1.6 in a mix of JRE 1.5 and JRE 1.6. I recently
discover that my applications don't run anymore on 1.5 and I suppose
it's because I'm using the JDK 1.6 version of Jaybird. I get a
java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError on 1.5.

My questions are then:
- is there any differences between the code sources of the different
binaries JDK 1.3, JDK 1.4, JDK 1.5, JDK 1.6?
- if yes, what are they? and what should we be aware when choosing?
- if no, I suppose then the only difference is to compile with target
1.x, then why doing so?

I don't see this kind of distribution often, usually, there is one jar
for all.

I suppose, the best for me would be to use the Jaybird 2.1.6 for JDK
1.5. Anyone confirms that?

Best Regards,