Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] hostname resolving jaybird
Author Lutz Müller
hmm, i remember i had the exact same problem two or three years ago. sadly i
cannot remember the exact cause. but i do remember how i went on to solve it.
its been a while and i cannot reproduce it but i think this is what i did:

i wrote a java program that tried to open a socket to the firebird server i
tried to connect to.
program failed to connect , so i knew it was a java problem rather than i
jaybird problem.
the i opened my debugger ans stepped through the jdk code.
then at some point in the jdk code, and this is what i can not recall, it was
clear to see what the problem was....

this is a very very vague description, i know. but maybe it helps in finding
your problem.


On Monday 18 May 2009 16:26:35 Matthias wrote:
> Helen Borrie schrieb:
> > >> > In a nutshell: There is name resolving problem, but i've checked
> >
> > for me
> >
> > >> > known bsd parameters for name resolving; what me wonders on the
> > >> > same machine ran a java xmpp-client for several days with no
> > >> > problems.
> > >>
> > >> You say that there is name resolving problem - that would mean, that
> > >> you can connect using the IP address. Is it the case?
> > >
> > >No, ip address causes the same error messages - it's more than name
> > >resolving.
> >
> > Are you running Classic? if so, is xinetd running? and is port 3050
> > opened in the firewall?
> >
> > -- with Classic, local connection *will* work without xinetd running,
> > because it doesn't use a network connection; but a remote connection
> > won't work (and will give the error you report) if xinetd has not been
> > started.
> >
> > -- with SS, all connections are remote; but you'll still get this error
> > if port 3050 is blocked.
> Yes, the bsd server has got a Classic server with inetd and is reachable
> from every host.
> But I can't establish a connection neither to the local nor to any other
> Classic server from this bsd server with jaybird.
> gbak has no problems.
> Firewall is open; i checked today name resolving, firewall and inetd
> settings again...
> Matthias