Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] hostname resolving jaybird
Author Matthias
Thanks for the ideas.

Mark Rotteveel schrieb:
> Could it be that your host also supports IPv6? I was recently looking
> into the Jaybird sourcecode and the Firebird wire-protocol. I might be
> wrong, but it looks like IPv6 is not supported.
No, this machine is configured without ipv6 support.

> What happens when you add on the
> commandline to force Java to use IPv4 first (although I am not sure if
> the Diabolo JDK/JRE supports that system property).

I tried this option, the error message is the same.

> Since Jaybird uses mostly old-school (pre Java 1.4) Exception chaining,
> you might also want to call getNext() on your GDSException or
> getInternalException for FBSQLException and descendants to see if there
> is more info.

The exception is only repeated: GDS Exception 335544721... - additional
I printed SQLState: HY000.

The next idea was to port the code to another freebsd machine;
unfortunately I have only a freebsd6.2 with diabolo 1.5, but the code
works(Solaris10 with java 1.5 too).
I installed diabolo 1.5 on the problem machine and the code didn't work
with the same error messages.

In a nutshell: There is name resolving problem, but i've checked for me
known bsd parameters for name resolving; what me wonders on the same
machine ran a java xmpp-client for several days with no problems.

Maybe there is one hint...