Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] hostname resolving jaybird
Author Mark Rotteveel
Could it be that your host also supports IPv6? I was recently looking
into the Jaybird sourcecode and the Firebird wire-protocol. I might be
wrong, but it looks like IPv6 is not supported.

What happens when you add on the
commandline to force Java to use IPv4 first (although I am not sure if
the Diabolo JDK/JRE supports that system property).

Since Jaybird uses mostly old-school (pre Java 1.4) Exception chaining,
you might also want to call getNext() on your GDSException or
getInternalException for FBSQLException and descendants to see if there
is more info.


Matthias wrote:
> Hello,
> I have in the last days trouble with jaybird-2.1.6 and hostname
> resolving. I'm using pooled connections as described in the examples
> and everything runs fine under win and mac os(latest runtime 1.6) .
> The same binaries and drives throws an error on FreeBSD (Diabolo Java
> 1.6.0_07_b02): GDS Exception 335544721. Unable to complete network
> request to host $name.
> $name is always the correct given hostname - no misspelling or
> something else.
> This happens with every database on the lan and the local one too. The
> error appears by hostname and ip address.
> The database url is given as $name:alias.
> All database hosts are reachable by name or ip and the databases are
> up and running. Resolving order is file and name service; I added the
> database hosts to the hosts file, but no changes. The application is
> unfortunately for this server.
> Has anybody expierence with Jaybird and the Diabolo JDK? Is there a
> different name resolving on BSD?
> Any help would be appreciated.

Mark Rotteveel