Subject Re: Obtaining Jaybird 2.1.1 source
Author boristhecrusher
--- In, Roman Rokytskyy <roman@...> wrote:
> The issue is that Jaybird 2.1.x branch requires some additional work to
> compile on x64 bit platform. You would need to take the ibase.h and
> other header files from your Firebird running on x64 platform and
> replace the ones that are included in Jaybird's sources.
> And, if I remember correctly, there were no changes in the JNI code in
> the Jaybird 2.1.x branch, so the sources should be the same.

Thank you, Roman. Replacing ib_util.h, ibase.h, and iberror.h with their amd64 Firebird equivalents and rebuilding solved my problem. Thanks again for your quick response!