Subject Obtaining Jaybird 2.1.1 source
Author boristhecrusher
I am trying to obtain the source code for Jaybird 2.1.1 ( since I need to build a shared object file for my native x86-64 platform running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4. Previously our software was running under 32-bit x86, on Windows.

The reason I am looking specifically for Jaybird 2.1.1 is because the libraries we are using for our software are compatible with version 2.1.1. I have already tried using a shared object file that I built from the Jaybird 2.1.5 source, but com.borland.dx.dataset.DataSetException exceptions were generated that were not generated before with version 2.1.1.

I could not find a link to a source download for Jaybird 2.1.1 at either Sourceforge or the Jaybird file repositories available at I tried manually changing the link to 2.1.2 to point to 2.1.1 without any luck, so I'm guessing for whatever reason it is no longer downloadable from Sourceforge. Are there any other websites out there that would have the Jaybird 2.1.1 source available for download or anyone out there that could email me a .zip file?

I would appreciate any help. Thanks!