Subject Once again ... Re: Firebird Embedded deploying with Java
Thanks Roman,
Thanks for the details, now with the information
and resources you have pointed me to, I will give
it a try and then I will ask questions, and hopefully
formulate my questions more precisely if needed.

Thanks again!


--- In, Roman Rokytskyy <roman@...> wrote:
> > So even if one was to not use it in embedded mode,
> > my question is still whether the Jaybird JAR file
> > is a total re-write of Firebird database engine in Java
> > hence it is all in this file.
> No, it is not. jaybird-x.x.x-full.jar is a JAR that contains also
> dependent libraries for those that have simple setup, want to take a jar
> file and do not bother themselves with other dependencies. Can lead to
> lib conflicts.
> > OR is is just a driver to connect to the FireBird engine
> > which is just a ".dll" file.
> In order to use fbembed.dll you need jaybird-x.x.x.jar and jaybirdXX.dll.
> > Once again I wish to know what files
> > are important to just get started.
> What about reading "Distribution package" chapter from release notes
> (page 8 in PDF)?
> Also you can check "Using Type 2 and Embedded Server driver" in release
> notes (beginning from page 11 in PDF) - if there are unclear parts,
> please ask questions here and/or help to formulate them better.
> Roman