Subject Firebird Embedded deploying with Java
Once again I wish to state that I am new to FireBird.

I could not find this fundamental information on the web.
I have been more accustomed to pure java databases with Java application,
such as Derby which comes in a JAR file.

So my question is, to use firebird database in Embedded mode
in Java what specific files will I need.

My belief is :
1. Jaybird JDBC-JCA
2. some Firebird DLL?

I actually found this on JayBird FAQ, But is this all you need?,
is the main Firebird engine in there or do I have to get the DLL from
the main firbird website.


The list below gives you a rough idea what is in each jar.
firebirdsql.jar The primary jar file. Required.
mini-j2ee.jar Contains DataSource and XA routines. Usually required.

Concurrency routines. Required.
firebirdsql.rar This is a J2EE server deployment file. Only needed for J2EE environments.
firebirdjmx.jar Java Management Extension bean. Only needed if you want to play around with JMX.
jaas.jar This is the Java Authentication and Authorization Service. It is a standard part of jdk 1.4. If you are using jdk 1.4 or above, you do not need this file.
firebirdsql-test.jar Test routines, not needed for apps.
log4j-core.jar Include if you want logging available. Some environments like application servers may already include this.

Also found this:
19- Why isn't JayBird in one jar file?

"JayBird is now available as a single jar file: firebirdsql-full.jar."

Hope someone can explain what are all the required files to
run Firebird Database in Embedded mode in JAVA.