Subject Hibernate users?
Author J. Jeff Roberts
We're using Firebird with the jaybird JDBC driver and Hibernate 3.
I'm currently working on the performance of our INSERTs.
- I've made our method call session.clear() every 50 calls to save(), and that helped performance.
- I've tried setting hibernate.jdbc.batch_size and hibernate.order_inserts and seen hibernate seem to be batching the inserts but saw no increase in performance.
- I changed to using one of the new id generators that pools and saw it getting 50 ids per select call but didn't see an increase in performance.
- I'm trying calling persist() instead of save() right now but so far no improvement.
Am I overlooking anything else in Hibernate?
Are there settings in the driver or Firebird that I need to set so that the batching has more effect?  We have very few indices.
Jeff Roberts

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