Subject AW: [Firebird-Java] Timezones
Author Steffen Heil

> > What timezone does the server parse times in?
> No timezone support means that no particular timezone is used. That also
> means that time passed from client is stored in the timezone of the
> client, functions like NOW() use the server timezone.

As far as I understand this, as long as I use setTimestamp/setDate and
getTimestamp/getDate I should be safe to get the same information back,
INDEPENDENT of any timezone in the system, java or whatever?

> Driver does not apply any particular intelligence here. However, when it
converts the 8-byte number into Timestamp, it uses the default time zone, if
other is not specified.

I don't know what kind of notation this is, but if it is similar to javas
notation ([milli]seconds since ...) then there should not be any timezone
If it is used, then what for?
And: Can I set it globally?


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