Subject Timezones
Author Steffen Heil

What is the correct handling of timezones in firebird and jaybird?

I have an application, written on windows, erroriously using default
timezones. (GMT+1,DST)
This application runs on linux servers where the default timezone (UTC,no

I have not noticed that difference, as I did my error when parsing user
input as well as when formatting user output.

Now I had to compare timestamp.getTime() values and noticed the mistake.
I wanted to make sure, everything in the system is UTC and only user
formatted things are user dependent.

Now I've read that firebird does not support timezones?

What timezone does the server parse times in?
When transferring time information to the client, it is formatted as text.
So what timezone does the client (jaybird) parse times in?

Is there any way to FORCE this to UTC, independent of the system


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